Attending My First Local Music Show in Atlanta

Since moving to Atlanta, I’ve been so busy with work, learning how to navigate the city, and LSAT review that I haven’t had much of a chance to really get into the music or film scene.  I did manage go to a performance at the 529 Bar with a friend of mine in late September.  It was an awesome show, although ironically I didn’t end up seeing either of the bands I thought I would see.  Atlanta-based indie rock group Mood Rings had to cancel and Weekend, a shoegazey post-punk group, didn’t start playing until after 1:30 AM, when I left – I had to be at work early the next morning (it was a Thursday night), so I had to miss them.

But three local bands played instead, and they were all had so much energy that I didn’t feel any sorrow for missing the bands I came to see.  The venue itself certainly helped out.  I’ve never experienced so much sound in so little space and had a ‘ring’ sound in my head all the next day.  Even The End in Nashville seemed spacious by comparison.  The room for shows is adjacent to the bar and is absolutely tiny, leaving almost no space between the crowd and the band.

Here’s an image of the stage that I found online (not from the concert I went to) – it really captures just how close everyone is to the band.  There really isn’t that much space behind the audience, either – everyone is crammed close together.  I imagine this is nightmarish for some people, but it makes the concert going experience incredibly immersive.

529 Bar

The audience was great too, and everyone let loose and had a good time.  The local bands were really friendly too, stepping outside to chat with the audience between performances.  Here are some great tracks from each of the bands:

“Eastern Sky” by Hollow Stars

These guys had a great post-punk, reverb-heavy ambience that was a great fit for Weekend.

“Record Store” by Gold-Bears

Much more upbeat, really fun rock music.

“Haunted Hill” by Del Venicci

This was my favorite group of the night, although each show was a blast.  The lead singer was superb and the group had a powerful and unique sound.  The video is pretty cool, too –the visuals look like a disintegrating VHS tape and make the song rather haunting.


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