I love you.


As if it were fantastical,
a mere ploy to find your heart inside of your head;
you place barriers around yourself.
Cleaning out the beauty of these feelings instead of relishing in them.
I love you.

Despite the fear that abandons it’s hellish dwelling,
finding itself knocking at your door, where you–
trembling with lust for life’s constancy and consistency
open the door and allow them in,
knowing all too well that sometimes this trauma deeply effects your very soul.
I love you.

And as surely as a sweet-scented hand grasps a spoon
placing nurturing consumables into a bowl and handing it to you,
your hand withered from the journey long since past,
and with heart aching from exhaustion and depravation,
I love you.

I revel in the glow of your eyes and the touch of your lips.
Grazing the food gently before swallowing–it’s as if life has been literally injected into your veins,
and little do you know that the food, although lavish; is not the cure–
It’s the love that it was made with.
I love you.

And once there’s no pain left within you,
which I know one day will be true!
I feel my heart take shape simply by being in your presence.
It becomes a sphere of calmness and serenity paired with enthusiasm and light,
I take notice of my trembling self as you swallow, again and again.
Because, my dear friend, I love you.
That’s it, don’t you see?

I love you.


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