When you’re in love


I’ve been in love before.  In fact I’ve been in love a lot of times.  I’ve been in love with myself, with my dinner, with my kittens paws.  I’ve cuddled love, I’ve screamed excitedly in the face of love, and I’ve been ravished in a state of love.  I’ve shed tears out of love, I’ve pulled myself together for love, and I’ve broken-down because of love.

When I think about it there isn’t one damn thing I haven’t done because of love, or because I wanted to love.  My entire life journey has been to find love.  I am thankful that at my spry twenty-five years of age that I’ve found a lot more self love than many of my equally as deserving of self-love, elders.  Does that make sense?

I’ve started many things because I “loved” it, or them.  I became a vegan 6 years ago because of my love for animals, and I’ll continue to be a Vegan out of love.  Love progresses.  Love turns into other things, but in order for the world to progress with any scent, any taste or texture of moral or ethical sanity love must be the baseline.  Equality or justice is often secondary, at least for me.  So how does someone maintain love in all of it’s wonders?  Well it’s simple, you just never let it go.  I’m not talking about having a stranglehold on love so tight that you suffocate it.  Love isn’t binding, in fact it’s absolutely fearless and all-knowing.  Its honesty is unwavering, and where love is lost fear, anger or hopelessness takes it’s place.  I’m not saying I’ve never been there, in fact I know what I now know because of my credible history with fear, anger and hopelessness as if they were my brothers and sisters.

So when love is about to be lost, and your moral obligations to yourself and the world are in turmoil… how the heck do you deal?!  Research.  Live a little.

Actually, hats off to Veganism for this because being a passionate vegan who endlessly stews over the thought, “how can I do more good, and less harm?” has certainly pushed me to observe love-in-action from the inside out.  It’s not always easy.  I have had the option to, and have taken the “easy way out” in different occassions, and I had to learn through experience, tremendous trial and error paired dutifully with endless research that (holy fuck): compromising sucked.  It  was such a nucleus of suck that I had to change my behaviour to match my ethics/morals/viewpoints and then follow suit with the rest.  A simple example of this is going as far as to not buy cement because it uses the byproducts of cows.  Yikes.  Ink sourced from animals?  Yeah, no thanks–what’s the next option?  And one day I sure as hell will see that GMO’s aren’t tested on animals, iPhones don’t use and condone the use of slave labour, and palm oil doesn’t cause deforestation and environmental degradation.

One day people will love more.  I’m glad to be a part of this journey to my own path of perfect loving.


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