Innocent Purrs

Elfin Aubrie


In the evenings glowing light I gaze at you.
You return my stare,
peering at me through the glass in my hand, filled with smoothie no longer.
My breath catches in my throat as your eyes survey me knowingly, unflinching in your advancement.

I feel you there, drawing closer with every intentional breath that we take,
unified at this moment by nothing more than mere curiosity,
nothing divisive exists in our world.

The world seems to soften as I run my fingers through your silky hair,
a smile spreading across your face with every touch of my fingertips.
And as you lay your warm body against my own, I sigh in relief.
The surrounding world may be crumbling, yet we would never know it.

Your rumbling purr soothes me, and I smile as your tail flips back and forth in the air,
exuding a sense of calm as the sun…

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