Rainbow stripes, meet desolation

Elfin Aubrie


This is just another day,
I find that I’ve lost my sense of self,
winding my way down the pavement, through the ghosts that haunt this quiet town.

No one takes notice of this rainbow striped girl
her footsteps fall in silence,
the cherished breath of children more audible than her once joyful laughter
now manifest into tears, which soak the earth and is assumed to be from the rain clouds overhead.

Through the shade of attempted self-comfort she looks for a single breath of life in the chilly forces everywhere
yet no heads are turned,
no eyes gaze upon her
her own expression, once bright and curious
now dulled by the pain that resides within her very soul.

And if someone should ever take notice,
they might be able to save another from loneliness.
She could just be another person that sheds her rainbow stripes and joins the sorrowful…

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