Universal You – A Poem


There are few things in this life that I cherish deeply,
covet with innocence so calmly, so purely.
The people in my life know little of the love I am vying for,
climbing mountains because of,
and enduring my desire to pronounce you as lovely each and every day.

As I imagine my hand grasps your own glorious hand
I anticipate that we will awaken upon this earth a plethora of placid lakes.
That fish will leap from their lavish dwellings out of joy,
their water soaked scales glistening in the sunlight.

I imagine that salmon will stop their wearisome and necessary upstream swim,
their once endlessly flipping, jumping bodies now calm and serene;
their minds drawn to supporting our union.

I imagine that whales will thrust themselves unto the surface of the ocean
their magnificent mass the equivalent of our kinship.

And as my arms surroud you in a loving embrace,
my heart will thud just as loudly
as a herd of wild horses careening across a desert plane,
their hooves tossing clouds of sand too high to see the sun through.
They created an atmosphere where their throats become as coated with grit
as my tongue is coated with words to remark upon your indelible, incredible beauty.
The unvoidable thirst they would feel is rivaled only by my own thirst for the taste of your lips.

And when I look into your eyes they shine with light so brilliant,
that the only people who could bear to peer into their vastness are astromomers
who expertly gaze at stars, at planets–your eyes glow with radiance and wisdom that only the universe holds.
They are endlessly warm and cool, a perfect union that generates my own fervid wonderment as I find myself helplessly lost,
wandering through the universe of all that is you.


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