Star Children

Elfin Aubrie

Touching the stars_HD

And she entered into my life as quickly as she chose to lift the heads and chins of others.
Simply irreparable drifters, dreams as bland as the universe and all of the stars within the galaxy.
And there, within the blasphemous boldness of their grouped embrace;
intentional love felt no sorrowful regret, but left the blood of the past behind.
Glowingly glancing toward an absolute, in all of it’s flippant adornments that do little more than enchant and beseech the eyes, who so willingly, almost terrifying in their eagerness to look upon the distracting lights and zealous embellishments of times hands held still.
They have nearly forgotten who they are.
They have yet to stare back into her eyes, their own eyes as unified as breath on the lips of a newborn babies lips,
and as reluctantly responsible as an overworked teenager, who is quaintly and in-assuredly blanking out all personal…

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