Happy Valentines Day!


it’s in the scent of his hair,
lightly dusted with dirt and fir trees.
and my head resting against the swirl upon his forehead,
my arms around his jaw as we stand together like this,
eyes closed and breath perfectly synced together.

Sits upon the earth with a notebook in her lap, and a pen poised in her hand.
Her smile makes a mockery of anything less than it’s truest form,
and it closely resembles the sticky sweetness that lingers upon her lips and fingertips;
smelling of tangerines and clove and tree bark.
I breathe her in with ever molecule, butterflies fly about gallantly in my stomach to the symphony of my heart.

it’s the wisps and twirls in the cobwebs that gather in the trees limbs.
It echoes in the agile footsteps that sidestep them or goes under them,
compassionately acknowledging the effort another has put into something,
even though in some ways it might be easier to break through it.

Is that phone call from a person close to you,
or perhaps far in person and intimacy of friendship;
rekindling the flame of connection with a simple “Hello, how are you?”
It hastens the process of unabated clarification in matters of the heart,
and smiles with joy at the communication found within.

Boasts just enough to outshine the sun,
and glows softly enough to gather together the stars as the moon does.
It takes shape in the clouds overhead, however overcast and gray,
in their movement leaving contentment and wonder in the imagination.

Bountiful if you want it,
desperate if you look for it.
It waits within all of us, asking simply for the release from the chains we’ve bound it in,
and the conditions we’ve written down in our minds for it.

Happy Valentines Day.  May each and every day be filled with true love.  True love for yourself, for others, and for every single moment within your glorious life.


One response to “Happy Valentines Day!

  1. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful expression of your inner self, Aubs. It has touched me deeply.. . I hope your heart had reason to fly on this Valentine’s Day. xo

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