The Adventures of Tuppett the Muppet – Part Three (Finale)


Tuppett watched curiously as the little gnome king,
quietly walked towards him
he appeared to be such a merry little thing.
And the little gnome king waved and smiled,
his own thoughts held the benign innocence of a sweet child.
“Hello, my weary friend.  You must have come such a long way,
please, feel free to join us gnomes as we dance and we play;
it’s about time for the gnome festival to be underway,
and I know you must be hungry-please, we’d love it if you stayed.”

Tuppett’s ears twitched and his eyes widened;
an invitation to a party?
He just didn’t know.
What’s a muppet to do when he had planned such a show,
of telling them to mind their own business despite wind, rain or snow.
The invitation warmed his bucket loving heart,
“Thank you Gnome King, I would love to stay and play.
And you are quite correct, it has been a very long day.
I slipped and I slooped all the way to your village
and I haven’t even had a small fairy berry, or a plump gnome grown chillig.”*

And with those words Tuppetts tummy did grumble,
little gnome king laughed and took Tuppetts hand,
leading him forward into little gnome land.
Tuppett “ooh’d” and he “ahh’d” as he noted the gem stones,
which lined the paths and made the children sing in higher tones
of the chillig harvest and magnificent feast to come,
and of hugs and gnome ponies who pranced, galooped**, and then some.
Tuppett was jolly and he ate until he was stuffed to his brim,
but the gnomes kept trying to feed him more, despite his pained grin.
And at the end they all laid around in a circle, giving thanks for one anothers company, and the sky overhead,
which was the gnomes favourite colour -; deep purple.


*Chillig is a gnome grown, blackberry sized peach-like fruit that grows in bushes along the fairy trail.
**Galooped – not to be mistaken for “Galloped”.  Gnome ponies only have three speeds: strut, prance, and galoop.  They are the same size of the gnomes and speak the gnome language fluently. 


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