I saw you crying today

I saw you crying yesterday
Your face glistened,
Your cheeks flushed.
I heard you sniff
I saw you try to wipe them all away
I noticed how soaked the collar of your sweatshirt was
I saw you attempt to keep more at bay.

I’ve seen you like this before
I’ve seen the joy wiped clean from your spirit
You are currently the poster child for the water works,
but this isn’t a game of monopoly
and you’re running out of free spaces to land.

Sitting on the concrete
Legs crossed
Hands covering your face,
as if you’re trying to hide what we all already know
You’re bound to become the weeping statue
Left stone cold in the mist of your broken heartedness
Until one day someone’s bound to sit down beside you
Dear stranger, a smile you’ve been crying for
Let me plaster one to my face, if only to see all of your pain subside

I could say
“There’s no one else quite like you,”
or I could make a motion that we dance on the spot
Let’s jig the glee back into your grief stricken bones
I didn’t expect what would happen next
I suddenly came into your field of vision,
that puffy face
those red eyes
Silence was all we shared
Quiet understanding as we both inhale the same oxygen
the realization that if I can breathe in and be happy,
and you can breathe in and be sorrowful,
then why not breathe in a few more choices.


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