Mommy The Great

This is a short essay, that I dedicate to my Mommy.  Mommy, this is from your loving daughter; and although I may nightlight as a succubus at times please know that I appreciate you even then.

My Mommy is the greatest.  There, I said it.  Many others may say, “No way, MY Mommy is the greatest” but I do declare that my Mommy is often unrivaled in my mind, and there are a lot of reasons why.

She’s the Mother of all Mothers, meaning she’s literally the Mother to all people, often because she’s regarded as just so absolutely amazing.  She listens to my own stories like they matter just as much as the breath she’s taking in through her nose, and exhaling out through her mouth.  Without a doubt she’s heard me out more times than I can count (wow, that rhymes so beautifully).  She’s called me out when I’ve been bluffing, hysterical or generally been far fetched.  She keeps me honest with her logic and resolve, her natural nurturing and hugs are a wonderful remedy to me at any moment–she knows how to love me, and has taught me that no matter what happens I can love myself, and others can love me no matter the circumstances if they want to.  She has taught me that people can overcome many hardships, trust issues and share in various experiences if only they come back to love.  We experience love in our hearts for one another that truly is miraculous, the beautiful love that only a Mother and Daughter can share after a lifetime of learning to be together.  I’m grateful she never did send me to boarding school when I was so unruly; and I know she’s grateful I’ve channeled my intensely powerful energies into something productive, and not just into being unruly.  She held me directly accountable for all of my decisions; teaching me that whatever I say, think or do has a direct effect on others.  Never did she leave me out in the rain to rust in my own self pity.  Even when she taught me the hard lessons, she taught me that you can still care about others, and thus you encourage them to come out of the rain and dry off a little.  She taught me about compassion in the face of incredibly trying situations; and she also encouraged my ferocity in these same situations.
This basic principle has brought me so far in life, and to this day I hold myself highly accountable for the outcome of my own life, and I can therefore remind others that largely their views, feelings, thoughts and actions are up to them.  They hold the power unless they give their power away to someone or something else.  My Mother is a critical thinker with a heart of gold.

But that’s not even the tip of the iceberg, because honestly she was the first one to shine a light on the issues surrounding animal rights.  I was so young, maybe seven or eight years old when she explained vivisection to me.  She was gentle and unrelenting in helping me to understand that the dogs that were often in labs were no different than my own.  They deserved just as much love and care as mine did, and did not deserve the horrific things done to them.  I was sick, she was real.  And that is what I like to call history.

She taught me some of the most important things that I could ever learn about love, and about life.  She taught me that if you love someone, nurture them, be kind to them, and above all do so unconditionally.  She has given me the knowledge that although sometimes we put our best selves forward, not everyone can step in line with us.  Sometimes we have to let others go, and we will have to sever the umbilical cord and stop letting them into our sacred energy; she has taught me that I am above all a living sanctuary, and that if anyone should think poorly of me or treat me badly that they no longer have the incredible honour of being a part of my life, of sharing in my beauty and insight.  She has encouraged me to never release my personal power to others, and with that she has taught me that I am incredibly powerful.  She taught me that warmness and laughter truly heal, and that sometimes energies swirl in darkness, and open up where truth and integrity are present.  I credit her with teaching me so much of my own spirituality, and of helping me build an environment that is both safe, nurturing and pure of integrity and free from toxic energy.  To this day there have been no people with toxic sludge-like energy that can stay on our property.  I rarely attract those people to me, and neither does she.  It’s an endeavor of pure spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bliss when you’ve become personally enlightened, and are aware of your boundaries.  She is the line in the sand that I eventually learned to draw my own version of; and together we now stand side-by-side with our connected lines; although different always manage to meet with loving compassion and deeply heartfelt appreciation of the other.  I am blessed to have grown to regard my Mommy as one of the most extraordinary women in the entire world, and I am amazed that I was given the opportunity to be her life apprentice, and her daughter in this lifetime.

Beyond all my Mommy has not just given me things, but helped me to give myself what I needed.  She didn’t hand anything to me, but told me where to find it within myself.  She supported my efforts, and saw me through tears and turmoil; glee and graciousness in all of their fluctuations.  She gave me permission to say “no”.  She told me I didn’t have to prove anything to anyone, and that at the end of the day I’m the only one that has to live with myself, and my choices; so I had best be aware of my “self” at all times.  She connects the dots.  She does this for everyone.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that my Mommy, my Mother, my Madre and Mom is relentlessly wonderful.  She is.  If you haven’t met her then you’re missing out on knowing one of the most beautiful people that walks upon this earth.  It actually brings tears to my eyes to think that I get to be her daughter, and one of her closest friends.

Thank you Mom, I love you.


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