Gratitude & Blessings


I give thanks
to my personality being unwavering in strength and depth of character
and for those that helped to shape me into the person I have now become.

Blessed are the ones’ I will never harm,
for knowing how harm has befallen my own.
I shall never lay an aggressive hand upon another;
if only to show my mental captors what it is like to move beyond fear,
beyond their behaviour;
and beyond their wounds.

I bless my loving creators so that they may transcend this life,
and their current physical body which causes harm to others.
I bless them into a state of higher consciousness,
where truth and love and honesty fuels their movement.

So as I move forth with this day, I consider the following prayer:

I bless the abusers, for they have been abused.  I bless them.
I bless the manipulators, for they have been manipulated.  I bless them.
I bless the fearmongers, for they themselves are being fed fear.  I bless them.
I bless the sociopaths, for they have gone their lives surrounded by others condemning their genius, and telling them they are crazy.  I bless them.
I bless the money hungry, for they themselves have a hunger that has never been filled.  I bless them.

I bless my own self and expand my heart center, for I have learned from these people that I will release anything that is less than my truest nature, and my most authentic self.  I bless myself.
I bless myself, so that I may bless others; and others may bless themselves and therefore bless others.


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