Not uttered,
nor murmured.

quintessential breathe of the earth
pressing their lips against the chimes
creating the wind we pull our coats up for when the bitterness of Jack Frost nips at us,
leaving our voices like shattered glass;
we do shiver.

And as we do when we welcome a friend,
arms outstretched
baring merry teeth in candid grins and smiles
the sun blesses us,
urging us out of our clothes like a lover,
warmth does encourageĀ our shedding of old layers
and unbuckling of shoes we once walked in
but no longer fit us.

We are spectators in our own life game
glinting, as the eyes of our younger selves often do
we turn heel and stretch, playing with the rays of the moon,
and stars,
and sun.
Bashfully giggling, unbeknownst to eyes of the still-in-transit beings
who confusedly and inquisitively look upon us,
knowing full well that they are as we are,
and we are them.

And toe by toe we stretch
blessing the earth with our skin.
No matter the callouses or the scars,
we are together, as we are.
Dutifully naked, but only for the love of self appreciation and acceptance.
We dance now, cherishing the liberation of blessed experiences freshly gained
and old ways forgiven.


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