I’m not sure how I became this way
some may say “you’ve gone too far, take a step back and assess yourself”
or they might mutter “she’s going to break open at the seams with a heart like that”
as if someone had left my heart and I outside to rust.

Plenty of lives have gone without love
but my heart can’t fulfill that rhythm,
it’s got a beat of it’s own to experience
and joyous are those that learn to dance with us, for each beat knows that love has no boundaries.

Unabashed in it’s desire to glean
fruit from the trees in the orchard of tenderheartedness
where they fall, one by one at onlookers feet
and although the exact fruit you wanted to eat may never fall for you,
there are hundreds on the ground
where they will either be eaten and become you
or melt slowly back into the earth, and become her

And I’ve sat there, at the foot of this amazing tree within this orchard
blessed to have experienced each and every dropping fruit
noting that upon falling some may bruise, and some may burst open as if they are more tenderhearted than the rest
other less ripe one’s may simply roll across the ground and ripen there in the golden sun,
as if they simply could not wait for loves warmth any longer, their green skins slowly changing colour over time

And I’ve eaten from this tenderhearted orchard,
I’ve tasted the nectar of many succulent fruits, some of them rich and sweet
others almost mournfully overripe, but generous in the holding of their shape
and some of them never did ripen, not even in the warmth of the golden sun.
I would sit among them, pondering “what’s taking them so long?”
but their colour never changed
and they would eventually disappear into the earth, becoming food for the tree
and the next time I watched I would think about those unripe fruits, and I would think
“they’ll ripen this time,” and more fruit would fall at my feet, ripe and ready to be shared
and I stood there regarding the orchard as a marvelous thing, for it’s continual willingness to resurrect unripe beings.


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